Solar Security Cameras

Crimtech Solar Security Cameras - A cost effective way to secure and monitor your remote or non-powered site.

A system that is ideal in all conditions, easy to monitor and secure without expensive security guards.

With the latest advance in remote wireless surveillance technology, designed for remote access over 4G/5G or    Wi-Fi networks. Crimtech solar powered CCTV is ideal for applications such as Rural properties,

Construction sites, Property surveillance, Car Parks, Illegal rubbish dumping, Roads or Industrial sites.


Live access the site and retrieve recordings of activity from your Solar Security Cameras. 


Crimtech Solar Security Cameras can also function as a monitored alarm system after hours sending alerts of an incident when the alarm is triggered allowing you to act promptly.


Crimtech Solar Security Cameras can also be used to record a time lapse video over the life of a project.


  • Bespoke Solar Security Camera Systems
  • Solar Powered for stand-alone use
  • Time Lapse / Motion Video Recording / AI Recording
  • LED Security flood lights (optional)
  • Remote Access via phone App or PC
  • E-mail alerts
  • Backup Battery system designed to suit your requirements
  • Self-managing system for 24/7 reliability
  • Secure web login with full access and control of Solar Cameras.