Increase the Safety and Security of Your Home with CCTV installed by Crimtech Professionals

Security Cameras

 Protecting your home and family means knowing what’s going on even when you aren’t there.

See what’s happening at your home anytime, anywhere 24/7 live via your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

With a Crimtech Security Camera system, you can keep an eye on your family, children and pets.

Check packages delivered or visitors who have come to your residence. You will have the ability to monitor and ensure the safety of your property and family.


High-Quality Home Security Camera Installations

At Crimtech Security, we supply a wide range of Security Camera Systems.

We can provide cameras with colour & night vision. We also use vandal-proof cameras.

Our 15 Plus years of experience allow us to make the best value-for-money recommendations that meet your requirements, and our techs have the skills to professionally install. 


Receive Alerts Direct to Your Smartphone

Instead of standard motion recording, which can waste a whole lot of time searching through hours of footage along with unnecessary waste of video storage, we now offer Security Camera Systems that sends an immediate alert to your smartphone if an intruder has been detected at your home. By using artificial Intelligence ( AI ) based cameras, equipped with the latest AI-based security analytics.

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