CCTV Video Surveillance

CommercialBusiness - Retail 

Car Parks - Strata


Crimtech Security has installed CCTV Security Cameras across Canberra & surrounds,

ranging from Businesses, Commercial, Industrial, Carparks and everything in between. 


Amazing results can be achieved by using the right cameras, the most effective way with the right strategy at work in their installation and use.

CCTV Cameras give you better control over your business, reductions in theft, dishonest staff, unauthorized access and overall protection for your business and staff. But most importantly, gives you peace of mind.


Our CCTV installations are designed for both optimal effectiveness and legal compliance. Our people are trained, qualified and background checked to give you experience, professionalism, technical excellence and peace-of-mind. We will explain CCTV’s possibilities and limitations, design an effective package, install premium quality surveillance and continue to support you through the days, months and years that follow.

Protecting People, Property and Assets

From your initial enquiry to our on-site risk assessment and beyond, we will work with you to recommend a bespoke solution that meets your requirements and budget to protect your premises from day one. Whether you require CCTV Surveillance or a combination of our security services, we will ensure our team works with you to define the combination of services that offer the maximum protection with your budget in mind.

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